Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mini Pizzas and Plyometric Kickboxing

Good morning everyone! I am sitting in my work space at the Mayor's office, trying to figure out where everyone is. I hope this wasn't a work from home day, or else I will feel ridiculous. I am hoping to be placed at my home site this week, which is right across the street from my house. It couldn't be any more convenient than if it were in my house itself. I have spent the last few days getting paperwork shuffled around and creating presentations and timelines. It makes me miss school oh so much. I have been having quite an adjustment period to working in an office again, particularly with my hunger. I am ALWAYS hungry at the office! Luckily, I make sure to bring healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit to stave off the always overflowing goody bowls of candy on everyone's desk. I have also been walking around like crazy, as sitting in one spot is detrimental for my concentration. I have also been contemplating getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 some mornings to get my runs out of the way before work. Mornings are painful for me, but so is the gym at rush hour. I can't make myself miss my favorite classes, however, and they are always in the evening. Tonight, BodyPump! Last night was a fantastic Turbo Kickboxing class with Ellen that was a little easier than last week. It was a lot of plyometric moves that kept me out of breath and challenging myself the entire hour. But it was one of the more fun turbo's I have ever done!
Quick side note, I stopped by my favorite thrift store (Scout on 51st and Underwood) and bought an oh so cute pair of ankle high wedge boots. $7 with my $15 dollar gift card!! I love finding good deals! And there is something lovely about not having my calves stifiled in knee high boots all day. I feel less cloistered in my business casual wear.

After kickboxing, I came home and made mini pizzas for Jason and I. They were perfection, and we ate them too fast for me to get a photo. I pre-heated the oven to 350, and sprayed a baking pan with vegetable non-stick spray. I took two whole wheat tortillas and put a little olive oil on the top, and when the oven was ready, put them in to get crispy. In a skillet, I sauteed spinach, smoked sun dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, slicked almonds, and corn in vegetable oil. After they were a little soft, I spread them on top of the torillas with parmesean and cheddar cheese, and some bread crumbs. I let them bake for about 10 minutes. They were oh so good, we inhaled them in no time, and I was comfortably satisfied and full for the rest of the night! After our dinner we headed to Dario's for some half price beers. We met some friends there and ended up staying out a little later than I was planning (which, for me now, is 11, since I'm a grandma). But it was well worth it! I had two and a half yummy Belgian beers, a Lambic Framboise, which is a raspberry draft that tastes like champagne:

And a Chambly Noire, which is a dark wheat beer that is light, easy to drink and nutty and carmely:

I also helped Jason finish his Stella, which is probably the most well known and popular Belgian beer, kind of the equivalent of Bud Light in Europe. So yummy!
So, even though I got roughly 7 hours of sleep, I am still dragging today. I can't pound this caramel coffee fast enough! :) More to come later today!

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