Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweet Potato Pancakes, Dinner at La Buvette and a Lunar Eclipse

Not a bad Monday all in all.

Yesterday I had a great idea for lunch. I had a great meeting in the Mayor's office in the morning, and had an even better 4 mile run before meeting Jason for a hot apple cider at our favorite local coffee shop. Sweet potato pancakes.

These babies were fantastic! And so simple. I grated half a large sweet potato and combined it with spinach, olive oil and pearl onions. I slapped them on a skillet in a haphazard pancake shape and let them sizzle until they were crispy. Paired with steamed brussel sprouts, broccoli and more onions, this was a fantastic vegetarian meal.

This kept me comfortably full until dinner with girlfriend's at a fabulous downtown french restaurant, La Buvette. This place is my best friend Jean and I's favorite spot, they have great wine and a lovely menu. I chose a baguette with black olives, fresh tomato, caramelized leeks and Gruyere cheese, along with a few glasses or red wine. So delicious, so perfect with three fantastic friends. When I got home, I quickly got into bed to catch a few hours sleep before a rare winter solstice lunar eclipse. This has been the first one in nearly 500 years taking place during the winter. Naturally, the nerd in me got me out of my comfy bed in order to snap a few pics. Now, keep in mind I have a little point and shoot. For better pictures, read CNN.com :)

These were photos from the very beginning of the eclipse, before the moon turned a lovely shade of red. However, my hands were shaking and the moon looks more like a bouncing basketball. Nevertheless, the color was true to life, so just focus on one circle. THAT was the moon.
Ha! Just picture me out there at 2 a.m., freezing my butt off, chewing out the moon because my hands were shaking. It was a clear night, and a beautiful night sky. Totally worth being exhausted this morning.

Happy Tuesday! More to come later on today.

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