Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy Saturday

Much better.

Please ignore the dirty rug. Today I ran 6.2 miles at the gym and it felt great. MUCH better than yesterday. I think it had a lot to do with my pants. Yesterday I rocked some rather tight sweatpants, which made me feel super tethered. My legs didn't feel free and it was a struggle to run over a 9 minute mile pace. Today though, I wore some leggings and shorts, and it was much easier! I had a banana for a little refuel before I decided to check out this new gem in town:

You should have seen my face. I was beaming the entire time I was in the store. I bought a few things that I have been dying to get ahold of!

Ok, the whey protein powder was not from Trader Joe's, rather Walmart, but I wanted to show my "energy" selection of goods. :) I have read many good things about flaxseed and am anxious to put it in my oatmeal tomorrow.

The wine is only $2.99 a bottle!! I am stocking up for sure next time I go. The bagels are so yummy! I had a half with one slice of the garlic cheese, along with a tangerine and some of my leftover thai veggies from last night.

Today has been fantastic! Jason made breakfast this morning when he came home from work. Eggs, bacon and toast with coffee and juice. Senator Ben Nelson was supposed to speak at UNO, but he had an emergency and was still in Washington. So we decided to go to a great coffee shop, Blue Line, for caramel lattes. The run was great, Trader Joe's exciting, and now I am finishing up dishes and laundry before a quick shower and then work at Dario's for a few hours.

Happy Saturday!


  1. All good stuff! Glad the run went better. Its amazing how much every little thing can impact a workout. TJs!!! We don't have one in Charleston yet (although I've begged them several times). I get stuff sent to me by my mother in law ;). That flax meal is awesome. I used it in the soft flax sandwich bread I made my french toast with (which I am SO glad you liked btw!) Enjoy your Sunday

  2. Thanks! Yes, I am finding out more and more little details that either make or break a run. It is fun to evolve in a workout!