Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Bean and Pineapple Enchiladas

Hello everyone! This morning is a bit overcast and dreary. Blurg. But at least it isn't direly cold out! Today I am at the Center again for the day, breaking up routine a bit with a meeting with the Chamber regarding some new developments in South Omaha. I am really enjoying my Americorps work so far. I have lined up some presentations and speaking opportunities, as well as started interviewing interns for a spring project. It feels great to have a purpose! And of course, my favorite part of the day, BodyPump at 5:30! :)

Last night I had a Listening Project training in the evening that would have made it difficult to get from kickboxing to downtown in time. So I went to a spinning class at 24 Hour Fitness over lunch instead. I LOVE getting my workouts done over the noon hour! Early mornings just aren't my thing, as much as I want them to be, I can't get over my hatred of getting up early. And it was nice to not battle traffic during rush hour. It was a nice change of fitness pace. Since I finished my HyVee Chinese food for lunch before the class, I refuled with a refreshing orange and banana to "offset" my lunch :)

Since I now had a few hours to relax at home before my training, I searched through the blog "Trading Up Downtown" to find some good dinner ideas. And I found it: Black Bean and Pineapple Enchiladas. I normally don't like heavy foods like this, but it sounded sooo good. And it turned out wonderful! I used whole wheat tortillas and was generous with the sauce! I will put the recipe under the "Food" section of my blog. You must try it out!

Back to work!


  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for commenting on my blog Life is so sweet. I haven't been writing over there for a while...maybe I should start again ;) Staying healthy and active in Omaha can be such a challenge, especially on days like today! I'm glad it's a rest day from workouts for me - the couch is so tempting and warm :)

    Your work with Americorps sounds really interesting!

  2. Thank you!! You should start blogging again for sure! Today was my rest day for the week too, and I made several batches of cookies! :)