Thursday, December 2, 2010

Body Pump Again!

Good Afternoon everyone! Today has been fast! I have had a whirlwind of meetings all morning, and have just a short break this afternoon before a tutorial and a meeting at the Neighborhood Center. I am debating whether or not today will be my workout rest day. Last night's BodyPump class was everything I hoped it would be! I am so sore in upper body today! I love the whirlwind pace of the class, and the fact that we can choose our own weight to work with. I felt shaky and whipped afterwards, but it was absolutely worth it! I realized yesterday that I have been forgetting to talk about my breakfasts and lunches, but they have been pretty unremarkable with me trying to get back into a full time routine. Next week it will be easier to cook since I will have no commute and will be working in my neighborhood! Can't wait for no cold car in the mornings (except for Mondays, which are always a meeting day with the Mayor).

Breakfast today was a leftover brie and pear crepe from Dario's. Jason and I managed to have a date last night (even though I was dragging ass from being soooo tired from class and work), and he had the Dario burger with frites and I had my crepe, with sauteed veggies and spinach on the side. It was oh so delicious, even more so with an ice cold Stella. This morning's version of the crepe was just as good, just with no veggies. Lunch was an abundance of pasta from the United Way's annual volunteer meeting. I believe there was cheese ravioli (YUM!), veggie pasta loaded with mushrooms (YUM YUM), and those amazingly delicious cookies from the grocery store with a ton of frosting on top. It was really good! My new fast breakfast has been Special K with strawberries and sliced almonds. We have a large bag from Baker's here in Omaha that are a perfect compliment to any meal you can image. Tonight I am planning on going to the store to pick up some more items for next week, including more spinach and fruit to make smoothies for post-workout snacks. I was able to drag myself home last night, run a bath, and make myself some delicious oats with peanut butter, chocolate chips, sliced almonds and 1% milk. It was almost too rich, but it filled me up and there was nothing better to accompany me in my relaxation! Except for Paula Dean's cooking show. I love watching her show because she cooks with the best ingredients....butter and oil! :)

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