Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Prep

Good Morning all! Today has been chock full of meetings and laughs already, mostly because I shared the following Christmas photos with a few members of the Mayor's office.

As you can see, Ghengis Cat was not thrilled to paticipate in the family photo. Athena, since she is not a cuddler, was mortified at being held for any length of time. Nonetheless, we had a great time and got some nice shots!

This weekend consisted of crappy weather, good veggies and great yoga. I finally got to spend some time with Jason as I feel I haven't seen him all week! Friday we ate at Dario's and watched a National Geographic documentary on "The Science of Evil." Yes, this is an old person's Friday night, for any of you under the age of 90. It was nice to unwind and get to sleep early! Saturday was FRIGID, and we had quite the storm that rolled through. However, I managed to make it to a Bikram yoga class at One Tree Yoga ( that was steamy and felt amazing! It has been awhile since I have taken a Bikram class, so it was a nice change of pace from my normal Saturday running routine. Crappy weather days are great excuses for sleeping in, watching movies, and catching up on housework. It felt nice to be on top of everything!

A few other things we did this weekend:

*Saw "127 Hours." AMAZING, please go see it!
*50 minutes of power yoga on Sunday from Excercise TV (, and I am super sore in my shoulders today so I know it worked!
*Ate LOTS of roasted veggies. Roasted brussel sprouts, garlic and sweet potatoes are my new favorite side dish!

Now I am finishing my cup of coffee and gearing up for a quick 5K run at 24 Hour Fitness before I head to finish the afternoon at The Neighborhood Center. I am going to try going to the gym Monday's and Thursday's during lunch to avoid the awful rush hour traffic in the evenings. More later!

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