Monday, December 13, 2010

Guess who finally has a card reader!

And can upload photos more regularly! Clue: she likes to drink wine in the evening after a great day of work. :)

Even though I did not get much sleep last night, I have to say I'm not looking too shabby!

Oh, and now that I have a card reader, I can upload photos right away of my healthy, fantastic, delicious meals.

Or, HyVee Chinese, as I had tonight:

Oh yes, Sesame Chicken and white rice, with a vegetable egg roll, slightly healthier, right??

The terribly delicious and once every six month indulgence gave me the energy to play with this gal:

She was running around so much it was hard to get some good photos of her.

Finishing up a load of laundry, my glass of wine, and going to bed early. Good night everyone!

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