Friday, December 3, 2010


BLURG. That is how I feel today. Last night I was up wayyyy too late for a working gal. Jason made some delicious, flaky pastries filled with feta and spinach, topped with honey, olive oil and pepper. He popped those in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes or so, perhaps a little longer, I was not sure because I was snuggled in the living room under a Warm Fuzzy (a snuggly blanket) watching Andrew Zimmern on "Bizzare Foods." I also had some red wine...ahh...
We thought we were about to have a cooking emergency when no tomato sauce was to be found in the house. Alas, the grocery shopper has been behind in her stock up. Nevertheless, my ever resourceful husband made his own with canned tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, sugar, sea salt and pepper. He also added red wine (from a DIFFERENT bottle) and red pepper flakes. It was so much yummier than store bought sauce. He spooned that on top of the pastry and it was heavenly. We watched "The Shining" during dinner, one of my all time favorite movies. We had also grabbed some ornaments to decorate our tree with, but our tummies ended up being the priority. This weekend perhaps!

Yes, we have a tree. A REAL tree, a blue spruce! Ghengis Cat was not sure what to think about the tall, bushy limbed stranger in the living room at first, but after numerous attacks, he has come to love his new companion. Athena was all about the tree from the moment it arrived in the house. It can stay for as long as no suprise squirrels make an appearance. Anyone see National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?? :)

Yesterday was a rest day, a much needed one from the week and my intense workouts. I intend to do a run today, a minimum of 3.1 miles but may strive for 5 if I have the energy. My half marathon registration is in the mail and I should be set by next week! I will be using Hal Higgdons's Half Marathon guide to help me in the next few months, and according to that guide I have until February to really train. But early training won't hurt! :)

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