Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Chaos!

Good evening! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was relaxing, rejuvenating and filling! Our holiday was fantastic. Jason and I piled the cats in the car and made the 6 hour drive to Alliance, and made it just in time for dinner. I actually didn't stuff myself sick this year, must be my new motivation to stay healthy this year. did however, enjoy one large plate of mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts with peppers and other veggies. I didn't even have any turkey! I had plenty of wine though. :)
After a few days of catching up on sleep and family time, Jason and I drove to Crawford to hike through Toadstool Park, a geological gem of Western Nebraska. Check out the photos, hard to believe it's Nebraska right?

It was "perfect" weather for November in Nebraska, right at 50 degrees. The sky was unbelievable and we enjoyed a perfect sunset together with a picnic snack: white wine, french bread and dried fruit. Such a great way to end the weekend. The next day (Sunday) we re-packed the car and drove back to Omaha, MUCH to our cat's joy. Genghis was beside himself when he saw our front yard as we drove up! We threw our stuff on the living room floor, turned up the heat and were in bed by 9:45. It made 6:30 much less painful this morning.
After a long day of research, meetings with the Mayor and getting set up with my VISTA materials, I came home around 4:30 to hang with Jason a bit and eat before going to the gym for a run. I made a delicious dinner that I will be making tomorrow night for sure! I sauteed spinach, smoked sun dried tomatoes, sliced almonds, garlic and onion in olive oil and mixed it on top of whole wheat pasta. Top that with parmesan and bread crumbs, and it was delicious! When I got to the gym I quickly realized that dinner was both delicious and too filling. I only made it 3.13 miles before my gag reflex kicked in. I decided to call it a workout before I got sick in front of everyone at the gym :( Lesson learned!
Have a good night everyone! Another day at the Mayor's office and turbo kickboxing tomorrow night! If I have the energy, I may partake in a half price beer at Darios...we will see! :)

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