Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Less than a week...more like four days....

....till I begin my training for the Americorps! I woke up this morning and realized that I leave on Monday morning for Chicago to begin my pre-service training. I plan on bringing not only my game face, but also my tennis shoes and some workouts to do in the hotel! :) I am hoping that there is a gym but if not, no worries. I have Crossfit workouts, yoga routines and Women's Health print outs to keep me busy in the hotel! I swear I am the only person who brings not only a bikini and sunglasses to a beach vacation, but also a jump rope! :)

Today felt extremely short. I slept in a bit and immediately got to work on gathering volunteer data for my nonprofit project. I also had a meeting with my boss about our next steps. Getting my Americorps VISTA paperwork together also took quite a while. I felt a bit chained to my office desk, so a small run felt great this afternoon! It was short, and at the gym. The weather was cold, windy and all around crummy. So I did 2.15 miles on the treadmill, but at a constant and brutal incline. I don't know if it was the intense turbo kickboxing workout yesterday or what, but it was intense. My meals were also short and sweet! Breakfast was a cinnamon raisin bagel with cinnamon and raw sugar on top, complete with peanut butter. TWO double espresso's with milk helped fuel my day. Lunch was apple cinnamon oatmeal with a banana, simple and yummy. Dinner hit the spot, but was the first "packaged" meal that I have had in a while! I had Healthy Choice pot stickers (SOOOO good!) and Progresso Hearty Tomato soup. Top that with a glass of Pinot Noir and it was a classy meal! :)

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