Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am a domestic goddess...

...of sorts. Of course I just learned how to do all of these things when I have to start a full time job in a week...oh well. Today I made banana bread, sewed some broken spaghetti straps on a few dresses, made dinner for my hubby and helped finish a poker table! I will load a few pictures of the table, my husband can make anything! It looks incredible!

Dinner was simple but delicious. I made hearty tomato soup with three cheese tortollini, black beans and corn. I also made grilled cheese on whole wheat bread with parmesan and cheddar. It hit the spot and was perfect for a chilly evening. Today was gorgeous however, and I will glad to take advantage of the weather by taking a walk to the grocery store to pick up some items for Chicago next week, and for a Sweet Potato and Coconut soup that I am making tomorrow. I also am geared up to see Chuck Hagel speak at UNO tomorrow. Which means I am going to have to get up at a decent hour...terrible! :) I did a killer kettle bell workout this evening, I can already feel it in my arms. Check it out in the "Fitness" section.

Funny point, last night Jason and I met another couple at Jake's for some drinks and conversation. Though we only had a few drinks, I still always get the late night munchies. Jason opted for a meal from his favorite taco truck in South Omaha. I was craving...what else? Veggies! So I grabbed a bag of artichoke hearts that can be steamed in the microwave. I ate the entire bag, topped with a bit of fat free cheddar and olive oil. Jason just laughed. Anyone else would want McDonald's...I want artichokes! :)

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