Saturday, November 20, 2010


Good evening all! Today is a late post because I have been running around like mad. Last night Jason and I got to enjoy and evening out with some friends of his, and we were up rather late playing cards. About 4:30 a.m. late...oh well! It had been a long week and I was glad to take a day to relax and hang with my hubby. After forcing myself out of the trap that is my hubby, warm bed and two cats, I went to my very first BodyPump class. It's finally at 24 Hour Fitness! And it was amazing!! Deadlifts, squats, cleans and presses that made me want to cry with pain and joy. It was great! I definitely felt it immediately afterwards. One of the gals who's blog I follow called "Peanut Butter Fingers"does a short run or elliptical workout afterwards, but I decided since it is my first time that I should take it easy. I came home and fixed myself a delicious black bean and veggie wrap on a whole wheat tortilla with olive oil and fat free cheddar cheese. I also had one of my delicious brownies to follow. My hubby gave me a great mixer for my early Christmas present, which may have been more for his benefit than mine! :)

After a hot bath I promptly fell asleep, almost making me late to work at Dario's. This is my last weekend at the restaurant hosting since I begin my work with the Americorps after Thanksgiving. What a wonderful place to be introduced to great food and fantastic beer! Dinner was at the restaurant and was very simple: sauteed veggies with asparagus and three (small) pieces of delicious bread with a little butter. Follow that with a draft Stella and I had a pretty fantastic dinner. I came home and picked up my house and burned most of it off, however, so I am thinking about having a small bowl of cereal before calling it a night! Have a great one everybody!

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