Monday, November 1, 2010

Scottish Salmon and Logging

Hello all! It has been a few days since I've blogged at all because of a crazy and fun weekend! We had parties nearly every night, quite a weekend for two old people! :) And a new Halloween costume every night! Friday night Jason and I were the King and Queen of Sparta (pictures soon to come) for a work party of his, Saturday I was a disgruntled Dario's employee at a never ending poker party (LOL), and Sunday morning I was a paratrooper in the Army. The funniest part about this costume was that it was my husband's when he was in the service, and he weighed exactly as much as I do now. So the uniform fit me perfectly, even the boots! Sunday night was a fantastic Halloween party downtown at a huge warehouse turned into a music venue. I went as an Eye's Wide Shut-esq masquerade ball goer. I had a fantastic red mask (again, pictures to come!) It was quite a socially productive and exciting weekend!

Amazingly, my workouts were still fantastic despite an exciting weekend. Friday I took as a rest day, the first one I had all week, Saturday was a 3.6 mile run, and I was able to incorporate it into a date with friends to watch the Husker game. My husband took off on the motorcycle to Old Chicago, and I ran there. The promise of food kept me motivated! :) I made it in perfect time, on a perfect day, and split a small veggie pizza with artichokes, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms with my husband, and rehydrated with plenty of ice water. We watched the game with a few Left Hand Stouts and Guinness pints before I went to work. Sunday was pretty hectic with work, errands and the late party, so I took a lot of walks all around our neighborhood.

Today was gorgeous, in the upper 60s and no wind. We slept in and then I made strawberry crepes for brunch. They turned out beautifully as before, but the filling was thinner, which I enjoyed more with the crepes, but Jason preferred the thicker consistency of the blackberry crepe filling I made last week. While I was making the crepes, Jason made an apple crisp from scratch that was heavenly. We were a deliriously happy homemaking, cooking couple in our socks, enjoying a delicious brunch after sleeping in late. After our meal, we decided to set out cutting a few limbs from a huge oak tree in our front yard, cutting the branches into logs for our fire pit. We also raked the entire front yard for kindling, and burned nearly the entire pile of huge branches. It took all afternoon, but it was nice to spend time outside and active. We let our kitties out to enjoy the autumn sun. After we were done, I went for a 4 mile run. It was great aside from an incredible tightness in my calves in the second mile, which did not let up until I was sprinting on the home stretch. It was still worth the outside run, who knows how many more of these beautiful days we will have. For dinner we had a neighbor over for dinner, and Jason made the Scottish Salmon that I have listed in the food section of my blog. We also paired it with homemade mashed potatoes with cabbage, steamed asparagus and a bottle of Pinot Noir. It was a lovely end to a great weekend! Tomorrow should be exciting, work at both of my jobs, cross training (deadlifting or yoga perhaps?), half priced Beligum beers and poker. Have a great night!

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