Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend of Fun, Friends and Rest

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! This post is coming to you from a happy, but slightly hungover blogger that had a fantastic weekend of friends, food and drinks. I am not ashamed to say that I did in fact take the entire weekend off from working out. I made sure to be active with walks and lots of activity. Friday night was a date night with my hubby, I made a yummy Autumn Mac and Cheese (recipe coming soon) and we went to Dario's for some late night drinks and frites with friends. I am going to start taking my camera with me as we do our social rendezvous, we all looked fantastic and had fun! Saturday night I worked, as did Jason, so it was a bit quieter but I did stay after my shift to split a Salmon Latke (smoked salmon on a potato pancake with a homemade horseradish sauce and capers), and sauteed veggies. It hit the spot! I also tried a delicious herbal liquor called Chartreuse. It is a liquor that is distilled in France by three monks who are also brothers, and who share the recipe in secrecy. It is a delicious, powerful, herbal liquor that tastes like Absinthe and Gin combined (but much better).

Image taken from Google Images.

My friend Nate then came to Dario's and picked me up, and we headed to Jakes for some more Chartreuse and to meet some friends. I managed to get into bed at a decent time, about 1:30. Yesterday was so much fun! I worked at Dario's from 10 to 1, then had brunch and did some thrift shopping with my friend Kate. Everyone in the Omaha area should check out Scout Dry Good and Trade on 50th and Underwood. Sunday's from noon to five they have Dollar Days, where everything in the middle of the store is a dollar. For three bucks I got a new skirt, shirt and earrings! We then headed back to Dario's for a delicious brunch. Scrambled eggs with asparagus, cheese and ham, and homemade homefries....pure heaven! Jason and I had another fun date with a hockey game (Go Lancer's!) and sushi at Blue. I had plenty of red wine, sake and a veggie sushi roll. Delicious! We then met some friends at a new bar called The Sidedoor on 33rd and Leavenworth. It was a fun night and a great way to end the weekend!

Today is going to be much more low key. I am gearing up for a run (I still feel a little hungover, so it won't be too arduous) and will be doing some work on my nonprofit grant. We are having some friends over for an Italian dinner tonight, so it should be a mellow, fun evening. More to come!

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