Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrift Store Prizes

Good afternoon! I feel a bit guilty this morning. It is a gorgeous day, the sky is clear, the sun is bright, and I have slept in sooo late with my husband and two cats. Not that it was an incredibly easy situation to get out of. Can you imagine waking up in a warm bed, snuggled by your cats and hubby, not a care in the world? Except for my burning guilt of wasting my day. So I tossed comfort aside and got ready for my day!

As I was eating my breakfast (trusty cinnamon bagel, apple, Greek yogurt, double espresso), I looked around my house and noticed all of my favorite things from various thrift stores around Omaha. I know that many readers already get sweaty when thinking about the new items that take up the shelves each week, but I wanted to show some of my favorites that we have scattered about our house.

Question: What are some of your favorite thrift store finds?

Amazing and huge print: $3

This is a recent purchase from good will: $6. The pictures are displayed below a little closer up.

Jason actually found this in the vintage section of a costume shop. It is loud and fun! The jacket was also originally from The Limited: $8.

I LOVE this print. It came framed and matted from Thrift World and sits on my table in my bedroom. $4

Another Jason discovery. It's an original painting, and he lives in our entryway in the living room.

Tea cups have become another obession of mine at thrift stores. This one is from France and is more of an espresso cup. $1 for both the cup and saucer.

Another tea cup! $2 for both. And yes, those are all the Harry Potter books behind it, I said I had a variety of books!

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