Monday, October 25, 2010

Perfect Running Weather

Today is beautiful out here in Omaha! It is overcast but still in the lower 70s and there is a great wind, perfect for cooling off and for resistance up hills. Today was a 3 mile scenic run through my neighborhood, up to UNO, through Memorial Park and back. 3 miles sounds easy enough, but the hills in Omaha are enough to knock you out...I hope I am building up some stamina as I attempt to tackle these things! I made it around in back in about 25 minutes, upping my speeds just slightly in an attempt to move me to racing pace. I think I am going to register for the Papillion Half Marathon next spring! And it is on my 27th birthday! It will be my first birthday in two years taking place in the United States, so a half marathon sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

Jason and I got to spend some quality time together today. He has been exhausted over the last few days working nights. It is difficult to spend time together when we are both fully conscious. For brunch we made great BLT's with fresh tomato and avocado, plus olive oil mayo and peppered bacon. We also had a side of low-fat cottage cheese and water. It was a great lunch and good fuel for my hilly run. Tonight is hopefully a date with Jean and some yoga! More to come!

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