Saturday, October 23, 2010

6 Miles! Only 20 More to Go!

These were the words of encouragement from my father-in-law after a finished a great six mile run today. So my enthusiasm was cut a bit short, but I am still pretty proud of myself! It was a great run, no tummy problems, no side stitches. I am convinced it was the apple and peanut butter wrap I made this morning that gave me plenty of energy! This will probably be my long distance run breakfast for awhile. The tortilla was whole wheat so it filled me up nicely.
The run took me a little while (a little over an hour), but since it was only my second time running the distance, no hard feelings!

I came home and refueled with a great lunch! Stir-fryed veggies with tuna and brown rice. I sauteed some veggies in olive oil and added the tuna and brown rice after about 10 minutes. I also added yellow onion and garlic. I also made a peanut sauce with warm water, peanut butter, flour and brown sugar. It was pretty much to taste with all the ingredients and it was great with the dish. I also had to refuel with two of my peanut butter cookies...thank God I am getting rid of these things when I take them down to my Dad's party this evening. He turned 50 last Saturday but the party is tonight. I am disappointed because my husband can't make it (work) but it should be a good time. More later!

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