Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A dinner date with my favorite veggies

I must say I impressed myself with dinner tonight. After reading through Tina's blog "Carrots N'Cake," I saw a yummy looking recipe for Coconut-Ginger Carrots. The ginger sounded like a wonderfully sweet option for dinner, so I ran to the store to pick up the rest of the ingredients, including fresh shredded coconut. I also grabbed a pound of asparagus to steam on the side. The result was a delicious array of colorful, rich and refreshing veggies. The asparagus was perfectly steamed and only needed a bit of olive oil to give it a perfect, warm finish. The carrots were soft but crisp, and the fresh lemon juice gave it a refreshing pop that didn't fill me up. The recipe called for just lemon juice, but I included the bits of the lemon flesh from the juicer in the pan, and grated some zest to mix in with the coconut for a finish. To finish, I had a few glasses of Pinot Noir and Italian coffee, along with a slice of Cranberry Apple Crisp my husband made yesterday. Again, I with I had a picture. I am going to work harder to take some photos of the meals I am most proud of. But instead, I am putting in a picture of me with the asparagus scones I made a few weeks ago to prove that I am indeed learning to cook and bake:

I am going to include the recipe for the Coconut-Ginger Carrots in the "Food" section of my blog. Please check it out and try it! More to come tomorrow. I am in for a world-altering turbo kickboxing class...wish me luck!

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