Sunday, October 24, 2010

Banana and Nutella Honey Wheat Pitas...

...are all I can think about right now. After a great party at my dad's house (and after a restless night, due to some drunk friends and rowdy kids), I had a quick breakfast with my in-laws before heading off to work at Dario's. I was quite tired and not in the best of moods (my apologies to my coworkers) but I soon felt better after an amazing brunch at 1 with Jean. A crepe filled with scrambled eggs, parisian ham, gruyere cheese and asparagus....holy delicious. I also had a side of fresh made home fries. I wish I had a photo to share with you! This meal gave me plenty of fuel for some thrift shopping. What a great Sunday!
After coffee with Jean and Jason, I ran to the store to pick up some Nutella and croissants. Then I saw the amazingly cheaper Kroeger brand Hazelnut Spread. I know what you are thinking, how can ANYTHING be a replacement for Nutella? I'm telling you, I can't tell a difference...and only at a $2 for a container! I bought some bananas and honey wheat pitas instead of croissants for a healthier alternative. I grilled the pitas for a bit in the toaster, and put half a banana in each pita with a generous helping of hazelnut spread. The result? An amazing melt in your mouth snack...I am resisting the urge to go back for another!

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