Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Friday and Why Everyone Should Elope

Hello all! This week has absolutely flown by, hard to believe it is the weekend! I was woken up this morning rather rudely by my cats wanting their breakfast. It was an ungodly hour (I am NOT a morning person), but it gave me the opportunity to wake up a bit before Jason came home. Breakfast was nothing spectacular this morning, a bowl of Raisin Bran and fresh coffee with natural cane sugar and milk. Enough to fill me up!

As we are coming down from wedding season, I wanted to share a little note as to why EVERYONE who is planning on getting married should elope. My husband Jason and I eloped in Jerusalem on March 15, 2009. It was an incredible experience, and we were able to combine the wedding and honeymoon in a beautiful location. I'm telling you, eloping is the only way to go.

Jason and I the morning of our wedding day!
Everyone knows about the stress of a wedding. The planning, the invitations, the family, the photos, the reception, etc. Jason and I had NONE of these worries. We even eloped during the Gaza/Israeli war! Logically speaking, this means that eloping in a war zone is easier than planning a traditional wedding! Not to say that we didn't have a few traditional elements during our wedding. We got married in the Church of the Redeemer, the oldest Lutheran church in the world and in the heart of the Old City. I also did wear white (I can hear some of my friends laughing) and Jason wore a lovely tux.

Wedding Day!
However, there were no flowers. No bridesmaids. No music, no crying children no yawning grandparents. It was magical. Just my husband, the pastor, and a photographer friend of ours named Ronan. It was hauntingly beautiful how quiet the church was. It was a solemn joy that preluded Jason and I's marriage. I believe it set the tone for a beautiful union. And it was so easy, and worth the travel.

Why would you NOT want to get married in a place like this??
So for all you future brides out there, here are my top reasons why you and your mate should elope:

1) Experience another country with your spouse. There is no other way to get to know one another than to be pushed outside your comfort zone with the person you love.

2) Save money on a wedding ceremony and buy plane tickets. Our tickets to Israel only set us back about $1,800, MUCH cheaper than anything at a wedding. Plus, we had plenty left over to explore the country with.

3) Enjoy your wedding day without the mad hustle of a traditional ceremony. I am very close to my family, but not once during the ceremony did I regret the way we decided to get married. Not having my family there was not a huge loss. My family completely understands my love for travel and the fact that I am not very traditional. Having their support while we had a  once in a lifetime wedding was incredible!

4) IT IS SO EASY. We were able to live quite well for two weeks in Israel because of the strength of the dollar in currency.

5) Make lasting memories with your spouse. We explored every corner of the country, took a five hour bus ride across the desert, went to underground concerts in Tel Aviv, rented a car and drove to Haifa to explore gorgeous gardens, tucked a prayer in the Western Wall, and so much more. Believe me, it is worth the minimal hassle and have a unique wedding story and memories to last you forever.

What about you? Have you or do you know anyone who has eloped?

Jason and I in Jerusalem


  1. I am definitely going to have to admit that you make some valid points on eloping. I loved seeing your adventure through pictures on Facebook and can say that I was jealous of the location, the beauty and the simplicity.

    But traditional weddings aren't all that bad. Unless you've masterminded some insane plot of complexity for your wedding, planning it is only a little stressful but well worth it. And every time you get together with friends and family for a year, they're asking about the wedding and getting excited for you. And, frankly, it's nice. :)

    Of course, mine wasn't necessarily the most traditional wedding, but it was a chance to have a huge party with friends and family who were all there to focus on and celebrate me, my husband and our love. And that isn't a bad thing. Especially when you have great friends helping with music, food, photography and more.

    And to conclude my ridiculously long comment, JD and I had hoped that, through our Travel Registry, we would go spend a month in Bali for our honeymoon, to experience much the same that you and Jason did. Maybe get married again on elephants. However that fell short, so we're back to saving our pennies. Maybe one day. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! :) I'm gad you and JD want to go to Bali someday! And, your wedding was not the big, elaborate shindig that I was afraid mine would turn into had I had one here! Your wedding was very lovely! :)

  3. Thanks Jess! We were so happy that you and Jason were a part of it.

    P.S. Did you see the Photobooth collage Daniel posted on my wall from the wedding? I think you'll especially enjoy a certain few. ;)