Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Hiatus

Good afternoon all! It has been quite awhile since I have posted on my blog! The new year has kicked off with a bang and I think I am just in a whirlwind trying to catch up!

January is the time for new beginnings. New resolutions and new ideas. I've also jumped on the bandwagon of trying to form new habits and new projects to keep myself pushing towards my goals. Some of my ambitious goals for 2011 include:

* Leaving the country again before December 2011.
* Getting an article accepted in a major publication.
* Complete my Americorps year of service as successfully as possible.
* Run a 12K in April and a half marathon in May. If all goes well, I will shoot for a full marathon next year!
* Be halfway conversational in another language by December 2011.
* Read more!
* Breathe, enjoy the small things, chill out, and love my husband as best I can.

I've also decided to try budgeting my food shopping over the next year. I have decided to attempt to stick with a $35 dollar a week max for meals and snacks. Yesterday I went to the store and for exactly my budget, I purchased the following:

*1 eggplant
*1 jar marinara sauce
*Shredded cheddar cheese
*Smoked mozzarella cheese
*1 pound of apples
*1 pound of bananas
*1 dozen eggs
*1 pound (roughly) red potatoes
*Small tub sour cream
*Frozen cauliflower and broccoli
*8 Activia yogurts (So good!)
*Parmesan cheese
*Ricotta cheese
*Red pepper hummus
*Baby carrots

Not a bad trip! You may be wondering why all the cheese? Along with my new budget for the week, I have decided to make two meals that will last as leftovers for at least three or four days. I made a delicious Eggplant Lasagna from Women's Health Magazine last night. It was fabulous! I replaced the goat cheese with smoked mozzarella because it was so expensive! But the smoked flavor was excellent with the steamed eggplant. Plus the leftovers will feed me for at least six meals. Perfect!

I've also planned out at least two fruits a day for the next week, something that is so important to keep in a diet. I haven't decided on my second meal this week yet, but I think the Sweet Potato and Chickpea curry from the magazine may be next week's meal. I will post both recipes in the recipe section.

Turbo kickboxing tonight with Ellen! I couldn't be more excited. I ran the entire weekend and am eager for a change of pace. Yesterday's workout was fun as well. For Martin Luther King Day the Mayor's office staff and my husband volunteered at Together Inc., an organization that provides emergency services to populations in need within Omaha. Myself and four boys moved over a ton of food for distribution! Needless to say, my arms are super sore this morning! :)
More to come later! Have a great afternoon everyone!


  1. Ever make your own hummus? Its cheaper, super easy (also on a food budget over here) and delicious. I like to add siracha to it! Mmmm...

  2. Yes maam! My husband actually makes the best homemade hummus...but I was just too lazy to make some last night! :) Making it at home for sure next time! What different add in's do you use besides siracha? Great idea by the way!