Friday, January 21, 2011


And now for the post that will make me sound like a crazy cat lady. Which I may be. But my cats are so much more than just pets to me.

For starters, there is my Athena. Athena is so fantastic. She is a tabby, slightly overweight (She is just curvy, the "Beyonce" of cats) and very particular about who touches her and how. It is hilarious how Athena reflects my personality and Ghengis reflects Jason's. Some similarities between Athena and are are as such:

*It takes us both a long time to warm up to people.
* We don't like to be touched or approached by people we don't know.
* We don't make friends easily. :)
 * When we are hungry, the entire world will stop unless we get fed.

Now don't get me wrong, I like to think I am somewhat social. But I can count my good friends on one hand and am not the best in social situations where I don't know people.

Most of the time I prefer to stand back and watch what is going on. And make faces.

And Ghengis Khat.

If there is such a thing as a Cat Ham, this would be him. He is always all about being in your face and social social social. He loves to play and be pet by anyone and whomever is around. Even if it is a total stranger, he will rub against your leg until it chafes and bring you a toy like a dog to toss for him.

I have to admit, he is the best napping buddy on earth.

Jason is also very social. He loves to be around people and if he had his way, our house would be full all day every day of people. Ghengis would be thrilled. Athena and I would be hiding in my office eating. :)

She and I totally understand each other.

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  1. Yes, Jason is social... with 16 year olds, too. Ask him about me. Hell, I might still be in his phone...